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Quality of education is one of the most important factors when moving to a new area. As a local neighborhood expert, I can help you evaluate schools in the area that meet your unique needs.


Redlands Unified School District School Boundary Maps




School Calendar Information:

2011-12 Academic Calendars - Traditional (All Schools)

2012-13 Academic Calendars Traditional (All Schools)

2013-14 Academic Calendars Traditional (All Schools) 

Other Calendars:
2010-2011 Academic Calendars - Traditional | Year-Round

2009-2010 Academic Calendars - Traditional | Year-Round

2008-2009 Academic Calendars - Traditional | Year-Round

2007-2008 Academic Calendars -Traditional Calendar 
            (RHS, REV, Orangewood, Beattie, Clement, Cope, Moore, Arroyo Verde, 
            Cram, Highland Grove, Judson & Brown, Kimberly, Kingsbury, Lugonia, 
            Mariposa, McKinley, Mentone, Victoria)
2007-2008 Year Round Calendar (Bryn Mawr, Crafton, Franklin, Smiley) 
2007-2008 Collaboration/Minimum Day Schedule

2006-2007 Modified Traditional Calendar - (Arroyo Verde, Cram, Highland Grove,
            Lugonia, Judson & Brown, Kingsbury, Victoria) 
2006-2007 Year Round Elementary Academic Calendar - (Bryn Mawr, Crafton,
            Franklin, Smiley) 
2006-2007 Traditional Elementary and Secondary Academic Calendar 
            (Kimberly, Mariposa, McKinley, Mentone, Beattie, Clement, Cope, Moore
            Redlands High School, Redlands East Valley High School, Orangewood High

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